Supernatural Summer


Supernatural Summer

Before Victoria Summer walked into the stylist’s hip hollywood apartment to get ready for her shoot, I took a quick gander at her site. Amidst the resume and galleries I noticed something quite refreshing – wit and style. A British tongue n’cheek sensibility hinting that Ms. Summer isn’t your standard Hollywood ingenue. You’re immediately greeted by DJ Dimitri’s – Une Very Stylish Fille track, complete with famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s sample inquiring “How do I look?”

Well the answer is simply – stunning. What would make most look scruffy, does nothing to conceal how naturally gorgeous the young actress is. In a tank top, sweats and just a smear of moisturizer, she manages to enter a room with the elegant stance (and build) of a ballerina. In fact with minimum effort on her part, everything about Victoria subtly screams “the next big thing!” Besides her ethereal features – porcelain skin, classic profile and flowing main of dark locks – one could say there’s something slightly supernatural about her industry rise too. Having just wrapped a starring role in Dracula Reborn directed by Ray Haboush (executive producer of Last House on The Left), she’s also in the process of recording her debut vintage pop EP, similar in style to soul singers Adele and Josh Stone. “I’m very excited that a heavyweight music producer is behind this EP, but I can’t say who just yet” she teases. Once released, her music will solidify her as a triple threat and raise the stakes even higher in an already successful career.

The Berkshire, England native is a classically trained ballerina, pianist and singer, who took her first dance class at age three. She went on to receive a scholarship to the prestigious Arts Educational School of London and has already sang for Her Majesty the Queen. Her first movie was Dimension Extreme’s The Zombie Diaries and then came the “Great White Way opportunity” she reminisces, “to audition for the part of a lifetime – Mary Poppins”. However at that point Victoria was still in the process of getting her Visa, had those papers already been in place one wonders would her life have taken a very different path. What would have left most feeling defeated (and homesick), merely encouraged this ballsy-Brit to pack her bags and head for the hills – literally. In 2009, with only two suitcases in tow, Victoria headed to Los Angeles and never looked back. Since then she has managed an exhausting schedule; supporting the L.A. “Say No To Drugs” campaign, surviving the daddy of all vampires and perhaps most terrifying of all – the Los Angeles 405.

Kate Middleton’s doppelgänger may have arrived au natural, but she’s a glamor-puss at heart. “I love dressing up and all things fashion” she beams. One of the shots planned for today is at the local market, with the actress head to toe in designer duds. She smiles mischievously, “every woman should go grocery shopping in full length couture”. An avid runner, Victoria is familiar with this particular Hollywood neighborhood. “When I first got to L.A. I lived at La Mirage Inn for about 3 months”, she made it her weekly ritual to run up to the Hollywood sign for inspiration. “I couldn’t actually work, so I wrote a lot of music and listened to The Voice” the pet name she’s given to her beloved Karen Carpenter. On this day, very much like the first, she reminds herself “as long as the sky is blue and the sun shining, how could anyone not be happy here.” That Tiffany inspired Dimitri soundbite comes back to mind again “I am, a very stylish girl”. Even before the beautiful sea breeze caftan, the 4-inch espadrilles and full make-up I have to admit – she certainly is.

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