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Not many can claim to have produced an HBO documentary (Teenage Paparrazo), survived child stardom unscathed, maintained a business partnership with Adrian Grenier and hold the title of the country’s best Tom Cruise impersonator. Evan Ferrante’s ascension like himself, is a little… strange. He’s slightly Willy Wonkarish, charming, affable, small children and puppies (he has one now) would be drawn to his 100 watt smile and boyish good looks. He’s non-predatory, with a very dark humor underneath. Cuddling Olive (his pup), he reminisces about how the infamous impression began in college with friend Alex Merkin (his director from Across The Hall). “Merkin?” I ask suspiciously. “That’s his name?” Welcome to Evan’s surreal life.

He finds the humor in the details, ” prior to that I was in Tiger Beat.” Evan has a remarkable ability to go completely off on a tangent and then bring you back to the now. Or I’ve just been slipped acid. I pet Olive to make sure she’s real. Although it’s become profitable, he doesn’t take the art of Tom Cruise mimicry too seriously. That being said Israeli director Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir) cast him in The Congress for that very talent. “It’s metaphysical, I play opposite Robin Wright but she plays herself.” I find I’m stroking Olive again.

Reckless Productions next venture is a horror comedy, Family Slaycation. “Getting meetings in L.A. is difficult whoever you are. Never assume otherwise” he explains. I wonder if deciphering genuine investors from those with a Vinnie Chase infatuation slows down the process. “No. Translating a creative idea into a business language that sales agencies and distributors understand. That’s much slower.”

It’s at this point Olive pisses over the outdoor cafe’s floor. Too much petting? He nonchalantly washes it away with water. “Oh look, it blended in nicely” he giggles.

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