Splash Magazine: Fernanda Romero – Renaissance Girl

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There’s nothing more attractive than a young woman, with model good looks, a heart of gold and an artist’s free spirit. Nothing that is, unless that statuesque beauty also happens to have the shy modesty of a teenager and the old fashion work ethic of yesteryear. Fernanda Romero is naturally charming with a mix of Hollywood glamour and innocence that’s rarely seen these days. She just might be leading a whole new revival.

photographer – Josue Pena

makeup/hair – Marco Ochoa 

styling – Ximena Valero

photo credit: Josue Pena

Falene – When did you first start working in the entertainment industry?

Fernanda – Well, I started at 16 in a Mexican pop group.

You are an actress and model, but you’ve aslo been a  singer and a designer. Is it safe to say that creatively, you are a free spirit?

I guess I am. I love all aspects of art, expressing myself through music, acting and singing. I’m a very passionate person.

Do you have a preference?

I like to think I’m just an artist (giggling.) I like that idea.

When did you start modeling?

Later in life, around 18 years old. My friend asked me to model as a favor and then people started to notice, asking about me and then offering me more work.

photo credit: Josue Pena

Like who?

Over the years I have shot for GQ, Esquire, Men’s Health, Apple, Target, Pepsi, Clean & Clear, Sketchers and JC Penny. It has been a wonderful experience.

What is your own personal style?

Vintage, I adore Vintage.

When did you first come to America?

Oh Gosh, I came here to visit as a little girl. Then I fell in love as an adult, yes love is what brought me here. I’m a bit of a romantic.

What was your big break?

I think it’s coming, maybe. I’ve done different types of roles, but I still want to really show people my acting chops.

You have worked with some extraordinary people; Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron, Tim Allen, did anyone give you any advice?

On set I learnt so much by studying them, what they do, all so professional and yet so different. They are such big stars but so humble, which I think is incredibly important. I feel each job, each actor, each director is a learning experience for me. I’m constantly learning.

Some consider you a “crossover” actress, do you?

As a Latino, I’m so grateful to the ones that actually opened the doors, from Selma Hayek to Lupe Ontiveros and Adriana Barraz. They all opened Hollywood’s eyes at different times. I’m a “crossover” actress because of them. I feel art is so many languages, I want it to reach everyone.

You have successfully not been typecast, how do you manage that in Hollywood?

My agents and managers are fantastic! We discuss each project, they choose so wisely.

You are a stunning, do you get all “the hottie”roles?

photo credit: Josue Pena

Awe that is very flattering. I think that can happen, but not just for me. I think for every woman starting out in Hollywood, that tends to happen in the beginning.

How do you find LA?

For me LA is great, it’s a different pace from Mexico. Everyone is chill – I love it! I work hard, but feel like I’m living in a vacation place, filled with beaches and tourists.

Is it intimidating for a young actress being described as the next “It girl?”

Yes, yes, very! I’m being honest now. I try not to think about it and just try to grow as a person. I try.

How do you find the time for charities like Red Eye Inc?

Oh I must, you have to! I love being busy, so it works well for me. It also brings light into my life, the kids and families that I work with fulfill me beyond my work.

You are one of the new wave of young Hollywood actresses that are also socially conscious (like Hayden Panettiere, AnnaLynd McCourt.) What do you think about that?

Wow, thank you so much! (surprised.) I love them both, what they do, I admire how they carry themselves. So I’m proud to be in their company.

photo credit: Josue Pena

Do you ever have time to date now?

The last few years I’ve been traveling A LOT so it’s hard. My energy is mostly on work, so if it happens wonderful but finding that time to meet guys and go out. It’s surprisingly difficult.

What do you do to relax?

I like to jam out or go out! I’m in a band – The White Cherries, so I do that. I’m outdoorsy, I prefer that to the gym. Spending quality time with my friends and my dog.

photo credit: Josue Pena

What’s an ideal, perfect day?

Sunday is my favorite day in the week. Nobody works, I can sleep in, go to brunch, flea markets. I’m mellow on my time off. A sunset on a Sunday is perfect to me.

What are you working on now/next?

I just got back from Utah, I was shooting a film in a small town called Hurricane. “Number Runner” is my first UK film. I’m very excited, I have a really interesting, dark role. “Without Men”, “Geezers”, “Pendejo”, “Maleventura” and “Broken Doll” are also completed. RPM Miami and I also returned for a 2nd fashion series online for MANGO, so there’s lot’s going on. Which is always good.


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