Steve Ayson’s “MomSong” …

If you want your ads with a creepier flavor, Steve Ayson is your go-to-guy. The commercial director from New Zealand has quickly gained a reputation for creating TV ads that people talk about months after the air date. When Old Spice’s“MomSong”  first debuted in January during the Green Bay-San Francisco NFL game, it quickly set social medial alight by becoming water-cooler fodder for weeks afterwards. Initially available exclusively online two days prior to its TV debut, Old Spice cleverly positioned the spot as yet another of their viral sensations. But there was something slightly different about the ‘feel’ of this particular ‘boys becoming men’ lament. It was funny, surreal and, well—a little creepy.

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The Police Aren’t Coming?


i’m not going to florida any time soon, crikey!

Originally posted on The Resident Legal Diva:

The president of the Miami Dade County Police Benevolent Association made some interesting statements in response to Mayor Gimenez making deep cuts in the budget. He basically said to the community “arm yourselves, because we aren’t coming”.

My opinion? Completely irresponsible thing to say.

Yes, budget cuts are serious. It’s tough all around.

But to cause panic and tell the criminals “have at it” is contrary to “protect and serve”.

And PS if you DO get a gun, get trained, and don’t assume “Stand your ground” will work in your favor. Some say “it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6″….until you are doing LIFE under 10/20/Life.

A better option? Join your local Crimewatch. There isn’t one, create one. Get to know your neighbors and look out for them. Most importantly from my perspective — if you are a witness to a crime, don’t look…

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