Legal Divas of Color: Charlotte E. Ray


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Charlotte E. Ray was born in New York in January 1850. She was a daughter of a slavery abolitionist — highly intelligent with a will of steel. She decided to go to law school at a time that women and African Americans were not welcome. Knowing this, she got creative. She submitted her application as C.E. Ray, tricking the admissions committee into thinking she was a man. She succeeded, and attended Howard University School of law in Washington, D.C. Ms. Ray excelled in her coursework, with her specialty being corporate law. Her classmates were very impressed by her, noting that she was an apt student.

Ms. Ray graduated, and in 1872 became the FIRST woman to be admitted to the DC Bar…and the first woman of color to practice law in the US. Later, she became the FIRST woman to be granted permission to argue cases before the US Supreme…

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Poster Boy for Gun Rights? Maybe Not So Much….


He’s proving and revealing himself more and more every day.

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George Zimmerman has been arrested.  AGAIN.

Quick recap:

He was arrested and found not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin.

He is arrested and released in September for pointing a gun at his estranged wife.

Now he has been arrested for pointing a shotgun at his new girlfriend.

Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

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Brett Dalton is Saving American TV, the Whedon Way

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Featured in Bello Mag #52 November 2013 Holiday Issue.


Here we have the heralding of something spectacular: the return of good scripted television, and the fantastic folks who make it. Not since Buffy has a TV series populated by anti-heroes and unconventional weirdoes – albeit ridiculously good looking ones – caused such audience salivation. We can’t get enough of Avengers TV spinoff Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., birthed from the loins of the Marvel properties.

Understandably, newcomer Brett Dalton—a.k.a. Agent Grant Ward, a.k.a. lone-wolf-come-all-round-badass—feels like he’s won the casting lottery. Previous credits include Killing Lincoln, Blue Bloods, and Army Wives. But I have a feeling that a very large portion of the 12 million viewers who tuned in for the show’s premiere would agree that luck didn’t have a lot to do with it. With a head full of tousled superhero hair, concerned eyebrows, and an MFA in acting from Yale, one…

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