Show Tunes, Dance Fighting, Jazz Hands — Musicals Have It All

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Drama more melodramatic, love more lovable, and tragedy more tragic! Hedwig and his Angry Inch, Annie rabble rousing about her “Hard Knock Life,” both progressives and traditionalists alike have limitless possibilities–when they can burst into song at the drop of a hat. A failed nun fleeing Nazi’s across Austria, or just “a steel town girl on a Saturday night” nothing is ever implausible. Dreams are realized and in spectacular fashion. Focusing on how life could be, should be, or if only it would be. With its rosy disposition (and often equally color blind set direction), musicals aren’t always taken seriously. Yet the genre is one of film’s true mavericks. Introducing audiences to characters and ideas, they’ve never experienced before.

West Side Story was ahead of its time, the Jets lament to Officer Krupke sang of ethnic gang warfare, junkie moms, mental…

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Steve Ayson’s “MomSong” …

If you want your ads with a creepier flavor, Steve Ayson is your go-to-guy. The commercial director from New Zealand has quickly gained a reputation for creating TV ads that people talk about months after the air date. When Old Spice’s“MomSong”  first debuted in January during the Green Bay-San Francisco NFL game, it quickly set social medial alight by becoming water-cooler fodder for weeks afterwards. Initially available exclusively online two days prior to its TV debut, Old Spice cleverly positioned the spot as yet another of their viral sensations. But there was something slightly different about the ‘feel’ of this particular ‘boys becoming men’ lament. It was funny, surreal and, well—a little creepy.

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